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Nyx 3.0 (Dynamic Bones!)

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Nyx, the Goddess of the Night

-Full Body Proportioned and Tested
-PBR textures for top and shoes, custom Tattoo texture
-Toggleable: Mask, Top, Belts, Fishnets, Tail, Panties
-Dynamic bones: hair, tail, butt, breasts, ears, mask crosses, tongue
-Floor collider, collider for tail, breasts, and hair
-Custom gestures, Avatar 3.0 Dissolve Toggles on all Toggleable Mesh.

-Body by Pandabear, edit by me NOT FOR REUSE
Shoes by Gashina
Panties/Belts/Mask/Arm Fishnet by Vampi
Face by Kri edit by me NOT FOR REUSE
Collar by Apyr
Horn by Cinnamon ( free in server)
Elf Ears by Eliza
Forked Tongue by Daeris
Ropes by Jorgen
Fishnets by Q.
Tail by Eggyu (available in Nitro
Mouth Bone by WetCat
Locomotion Layer by Wetcat/Alctrap/Dj Lukis.LT/INYO/Gireison
None of these assets are for reuse save for: Eliza's Ears, Cinnamon's Horn, Q.'s Fishnets, and Daeris's Tongue are to be put on sales models for redistribution. You MUST purchase the assets from the creators before using for Sales purposes, and please buy the asset from the creator if you re use it for private use!

Tattoo texture for body, top, and hair. NONE of these are to be re used for Sales purposes unless you purchase the commercial use Top or Hair off my Gumroad. Tattoo texture is for this model or personal models only.


-Prefab, FBX, textures, animations, materials. Shaders used: Poiyomi Toon 7.1,  VRCSDK3.0 and Poiyomi Toon 7.1 available to download after purchase in files


Please only purchase if you have a basic understanding of Unity, I do not have time to offer upload help to anyone.

Make sure to import the: SDK, Poiyomi shader, Dynamic Bones and THEN the Nyx project to make sure everything imports correctly.

1. NO AVATARS ARE FOR RESALE OR REDISTRIBUTION! If a friend wants a version of an avatar from me, they can purchase it. Doing so will result as a ban from the server and possibly other servers as well. This includes no; leaking, trading, friend uploads, or price splitting.

2. No avatars purchased through me are to be publicly uploaded onto your account, they are for private use only.

3. Taking individual parts to use for your own personal models is totally ok. If there are parts that are made from scratch on a model you have purchased, they are not to be used on public or for sale models. I DO NOT ALLOW ASSET FARMING. IF YOU WANT TO USE ANY OF THE ASSETS FROM THIS AVATAR, SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL CREATOR DIRECTLY!

4. DO NOT DO minimal changes of my work and turn the avatar around for resale. For example, do not take the entire head of the model with accessories/hair and use it for a public model or model for sale either. This ties into to rule 3.

5. You MUST enter your Discord ID and VRChat name in order to purchase. Failure to do so will be met with a block from any future purchases, I consider this a small business, respect it as such. If you are purchasing this for a friend, make sure you hit the gift option on the top right corner next to email to email it directly to them. Make sure Gumroad does not auto fill your Phone number.

By purchasing this avatar you automatically agreeing to the terms set above. Thank you for your support and please leave a rating! <3
Description graphics by ToxxicVR here, do not take from this page, support the creator.

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Nyx 3.0 (Dynamic Bones!)

6 ratings
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