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Latex, Chains, Spikes Fit (Commercial Use)

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A cute gothic inspired outfit, finished with a latex look! Made entirely from scratch with love.

Clean Topology, Clean UV, Rigged and Fitted to my edit of Toribase.
1 Material per mesh (one for top, one for shorts). Textured in Substance Painter, includes: 3 Color Ways (Black, White, and Red), Metallic Map, Roughness Map, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion Map, and Poiyomi Metallic Map. For the best look, make sure to use all the maps provided!
Includes some body shape keys! Big breasts (up to 50% of Tori), Small Breasts (50% of Tori), Big Booty, and Smaller Waist

Modelling Credits:
Face: by Zinpia
Body: by Tori-nyan
Hair: myself, available here

If you plan to use this for commercial use you must purchase the $18+ version and you must follow these terms:

-REDISTRIBUTION BY ITSELF IS PROHIBITED!! You cannot use this in your nitro, post it in a server, send it to a friend, etc. You may not use this on a free/nitro model.

-Redistribution on a complete model for sale is ok with credit. Do not claim as your own. Link to my Gumroad when crediting!

-Your customers MUST purchase the asset from me before they take it and resell it or reuse it for private use. Asset mining from your avatar to get my asset is prohibited. Editing your base avatar is fine, but they may not asset mine my asset. 

-If you plan to use it for a public model make sure to purchase the Commercial Use version.

-If this is being used for a commission, the person who is getting the final product must purchase the asset from me.

NEW TOS 12/18/2023: If you use my product to help advertise YOUR product you MUST credit me. Give due diligence to your fellow creators.

Description graphics by ToxxicVR here, do not take from this page, support the creator.

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Fully Rigged FBX, Blend File, 3 Color Ways

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Latex, Chains, Spikes Fit (Commercial Use)

1 rating
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